Sky Express LLC

We were featured in the 2015 Apex Capital Calendar!

1236671_721328987948726_7897822947997829066_nSky Express LLC is a trucking company based out of Lexington, South Carolina. The company was established in 2012 by Bobby and Joanne Yancey. Bobby, who has more than 30 years of driving experience, continues to serve as one of the company’s drivers. Joanne handles all of the dispatching for the company.

At Sky Express LLC our mission is provide our customers with efficient and friendly transportation services. As a small, family-owned business we are committed to delivering excellent customer service and developing longterm relationships with our customers.

We hire only experienced, safe drivers, and offer all new air ride equipped/plate lined trailers. Currently our service region spans from South Carolina to Arizona and from Pennsylvania to Florida.

Want to talk to us about moving your freight or have questions? Feel free to contact us at 803-755-0301 or email us at


5 thoughts on “Sky Express LLC

  1. Sky Express has been hauling our freight here at Trimaco for 6 years we have never had a late pick up and they always deliver on time pricing is fair Joann the owner of the company is always on the ball Sky has Great drivers and even better equipment I highly recommend them to any one looking for a Great trucking company. Larry Timms Traffic Manager Trimaco Manning SC


  2. Your driver rolling through Athens Ohio at 430 pm on Monday needs some lessons on how NOT to pass on a 4 lane highway if someone is beside them. He had no more than inches at 60mph to slide over in front of me. Since all the salt and cinders on the road are now all over the front of my car I’m pissed!


    • Scott, I am so very sorry that it has taken so long to respond to your message. Our daughter n law is our “webmaster” as she prefers to be known by and she is on maternity leave. I understand that you had a bad experience with a truck traveling through your state, and I am assuming it had “SKY EXPRESS” on its cab. We are a small family owned business located in Lexington SC and have 5 of the best drivers in the industry and we are very proud of that. We only hire people that we have known for years and we know there worth ethic. But I must tell you that we as a company never run through the state of Ohio, We travel the same routes every week going to the same location and this would be from South Carolina to Florida or to Texas.
      If you look up Sky Express you will notice that there are several companies with the same name, there just located in different states. I sorry you had such a scary experience with a truck driver, as with anything , you have some bad apples in the bunch. But on the most part most truckers are really good people.
      Joanne Yancey
      Sky Express LLC
      Lexington SC


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